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Divine Warriors

The Birth of Heresy

A Story of Initiation

By James Wasserman

(with Keith W. Stump and Harvey Rochman)

From Inner Traditions/Destiny Books


Set within the dramatic tableau of the medieval Crusades, the Templars, Assassins, and Cathars discover a unifying faith to protect and liberate humankind.

This is a story of initiation and the effects of spiritual growth in the personal lives of its characters. It communicates the inherent dignity of the individual and his and her relationship with the sacred principles of the universe. It traces the evolution of the Western Esoteric Tradition during the fertile cultural interactions of the Crusades.

The characters must choose between the beliefs with which they were raised and the increasing realizations of their own personal truths. Their individual awakenings move them beyond the confines of orthodoxy to an embrace of the essential unity underlying creation.

A concurrent theme is that techniques of self-development may be learned and practiced to help bring about deeper spiritual understanding. A number of such methods are highlighted in this tale.

That an individual is capable of direct spiritual experience presents a revolutionary challenge to both religious and political authority. A passionate and uncompromising search for truth demands the rejection of falsehood and an embrace of the heresy of self-empowerment.

This novel also sheds light on one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. The contemporary conflict between Islam and the West began a thousand years ago. But the Crusades were a manifestation of an even more ancient struggle between the sons of Abraham—as first described in the Book of Genesis. Divine Warriors offers a natural path of reconciliation between disparate cultures.

Mystic truths long reserved within elite secret societies are shared in this story. The reader is offered a rare glimpse into a hidden world whose doors may still be opened by diligent seekers.

James Wasserman is the author of numerous books on spirituality and myth. He is a lifelong member of a secret society patterned after the interaction between the Templars and the Assassins. This is his first novel.



High atop a mountain range in medieval Persia, the Assassin Grand Master Hasan II proclaims the immanence of the Kingdom of God. It is 1164 A.D. Humanity has entered a state of resurrection. Man has become God. The old tenets of Islam, such as praying in the direction of Mecca, have been rendered irrelevant. The entire Earth is illuminated by the grace and radiance of Allah.

And a French Christian by the name of Roland, a warrior/monk of the Order of Knights Templar, is soon catapulted into a new world of magic and Gnosis — the direct ecstatic experience of God within the body.





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