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31st Anniversary Edition Deluxe, Numbered, Limited,
Leatherbound Edited, Introduced, and Signed by SIMON

Strictly limited to 220 numbered copies signed by Simon,
with three sided silver-gilding, ribbon-marker, Deluxe endpapers, special binding boards.

Ibis Press   ISBN-13: 978-0-89254-147-8

$275.00 plus $20.00 insured domestic postage

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A high quality clothbound hardcover of the 31st anniversary edition,
unsigned and not numbered, is also available.

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• Gods that were ancient when Moses was a child

• Temples that were gateways to the gods when Abraham came out of the desert

• Rites that summoned forces Solomon never knew

In the past thirty-one years, there has been a lot of ink—actual and virtual—spilled on the subject of the Necronomicon. Some have derided it as a clumsy hoax; others have praised it as a powerful grimoire. As the decades have passed, more information has come to light both on the book's origins and discovery, and on the information contained within its pages. The Necronomicon has been found to contain formulae for spiritual transformation that is consistent with some of the most ancient mystical processes in the world, processes that were not public knowledge when the book was first published: processes that involve communion with the stars.

In spite of all the controversy, the first edition sold out before it was published. And it has never been out of print a day in those thirty-one years. Since then, the land that produced the rites of the Necronomicon has been ravaged by war and destruction. The Ancient Ones are stirring in their sleep.

The hardcover editions of the 1970s are exceedingly difficult to find, and can cost in the neighborhood of six hundred dollars or more for a first edition. This year, however, the original designer of the 1977 edition and the original editor have joined forces to present a new, deluxe hardcover edition of the most feared, most reviled, and most desired book on the planet.

With a new preface by Simon, this edition will be strictly limited. It is intended for both the collector and the serious operator.

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